Dear Friends,

What is Time?
Time is an Illusion of the right hemisphere of the brain.

What is Space?
Space is an Illusion of the left.

What is Drama?
Drama is an illusion of the limbus. (Anyone who has taken Deepak Chopra’s “Fundraising 101” will recognize these questions)

What binds these three primal mentifactual illusions together? Is it blood? Is it sweat? Is it tears? Is it spiritual energy, the Holy Ghost of non-profit production?

No! It’s Bullshit! What binds space and time and drama together is the bullshit that never lets you put the right drama in the right place at the right time without going bananas, bankrupt and bats, not necessarily in that order. Which brings us to the subject at hand…


Art is Cure. The well-wrought fundraising appeal, taken together with the generous check, is the only way to stoke the “blast furnace of imagination and magic” that is Mabou Mines (sayeth The Seattle Weekly) and avoid the many virulent pathologies emanating from The Void.

We ask you: Do something before it’s too late! Every dollar helps save fantasy from extinction!

Lee, Karen, Sharon & Terry