April 30, 1973
PREMIERE: Performed by Mabou Mines in collaboration with the EADS HILL experimental theater of Memphis, Tennessee

From the Xerox Poem by Jack Thibeau
Directed by Lee Breuer
Calling Pieces by Philip Glass
Choreography by Mary Overlie
Coordination by Nancy Stratton

“…Lee Breuer’s concept was glorious, the expansive nature that thrust it into birth is to be cherished.”

Arthur Sainer – The Village Voice


Steve Bennyworth
Jeffery Bingham
Thom Cathcart
Burt Dallas, Jr.
Neal Hanowitz
David Hardy
Sara Eisenman
Jan Campbell
Lady Cecil
John Howell
Anthony Mascatello
Terry O’Reilly
Jack Thibeau
Paul Thompson
Dale Worsley
Cynthia Eardley
Lynn Spano


Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN (June 25-26, 1973)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (June 25-26, 1973)
Pratt Institute Activities Resource Center in Brooklyn (1976)
Das Deutsche Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany
BITEF Festival – Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Zagreb, Yugoslavia
The Mickery Theater – Amsterdam, Holland
Dusseldorf, Germany