2017 Mabou Mines Resident Artists


The 2017 Resident Artist Showings will take place June 19th through June 25th. Tickets are FREE but space is limited and reservations are encouraged. Venues differ per artist: check the calendar for full details by clicking the link below. RSVP today!


Mabou Mines is proud to introduce the 2017 “Year-B” Resident Artists:

Milo Cramer – Business Tips

Fundraising, tipping, not tipping, begging, embezzling, inheriting, taxing. A new play about money as community and vice versa. Can I make a Kickstarter for my family? How do I move to Finland? Will a robot take my job. 

Tanya Marquardt – Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep
Taken from a years worth of sleeptalk recordings, Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep imagines what would happen if your ‘waking self’ and ‘sleeping self’ met, conversed, and maybe even healed. A chamber work for two performers and an iPhone, the piece is a TEDtalk and a seance, inviting the audience to contemplate the dream world through the verbatim MP3s of a sleeptalker. Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep is written and performed by Tanya Marquardt with Barra Levy-Mazie, directed and choreographed by Elena Heyman and Stephen O’Connell, with lighting design by Emma Rivera, costume design by David B Smith, and sound design by Omar Zubair. An initial draft of the piece was developed through a 1st year residency with Mabou Mines.

Emily Reilly – take my ear

take my ear is a performance work about listening for the small things. A sound score composed of interviews with an eight year old artist, a travel loving Trinidadian pragmatist, a lapsed Christian Gallupian poet, a Swedish cult escapist, a knife wielding San Franciscan, a denim addicted no nonsense optimist from Saint Lucia, and an Armenian salsa dancing, coat loving polygamist, floats above a group of performers as they try to tidy and tend to their space. Inspired by the moment that follows, “will you have a cuppa tea?”, our neighborhood, Crown Heights, and the sound work of Glenn Gould, take my ear is a meditation on home, interiority and the ways we spin stories.

Performed by, Stephanie Hayes, Christopher Henry, Jennifer Newman & Emily Reilly

Colette Robert – The Harriet Holland Social Club Presents the 84th Annual Star-Burst Cotillion in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel
“The Harriet Holland Social Club” re-imagines a black debutante ball as an immersive piece of theatre. Guided by an Emcee, we follow six young black women as they navigate “The Black Society Event of the Year” from getting dressed backstage through the crowning of a bright and shiny brand new Miss Star-Burst. This project explores the history and language of “presenting” black female bodies and the interplay of race, class, gender, and economics using music, movement, and text.