The Company


Mabou Mines is an artist driven intergenerational artist collective whose performance pieces subvert social, cultural and disciplinary constructs.


Mabou Mines is a collaborative hub for diverse, avant-garde theater artists. Our mission is to generate, support, and connect audiences with original works of experimental performance and inventive re-imaginings of the classics, while nurturing the next generations of innovative theater artists. Mabou Mines’ creative vision is informed by the ethos of our co-founders: JoAnne Akalaitis, Lee Breuer, Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, and David Warrilow. Fifty years later, the company remains committed to collaboration and providing a platform for work that interrogates, innovates, and represents a multiplicity of identities and experiences. Company members include Co-Artistic Directors Karen Kandel, Sharon Fogarty, Carl Hancock Rux, Mallory Catlett; Artistic Advisors Lee Breuer and Terry O’Reilly; Associate Artists Clove Galilee, Maude Mitchell and David Neumann.




We are thrilled to announce that Mallory Catlett and Carl Hancock Rux will join Karen Kandel and Sharon Ann Fogarty as the Company’s new team of Co-Artistic Directors.


Lee Breuer

Co-Founder Emeritus

Terry O’Reilly

Writer-in-residence/co-Artistic Director Emeritus



Clove Galilee

Maude Mitchell