May 31, 2000
Arts at St. Ann’s


Animal Magnetism is going to the Wuzhen Theatre Festival October 2018. Read about the tour here.


Take one environmentally-sensitive chimpanzee, add a rhinoceros with shady business dealings, stir in a generous dollop of live music, plenty of animation and you have the recipe for Animal Magnetism, a raucous love story.

Cheri (the chimp) and Tin Tin’s passion plays out on the ground – often amidst giant cartoon projections of themselves -as well as in the air. They soar and swoop and swoon in awe-inspiring aerial pas de deux. More than a love story, Animal Magnetism is also an allegory. It points out our species’ insatiable appetite for destroying natural resources and the glaring disparities between the first and third worlds. This socio-political- erotic live-action cartoon is one you won’t see on Disney anytime soon!