In Development

The Vicksburg Project

A staged song cycle of twelve interlocked songs that trace women’s experiences in Vicksburg Mississippi during four different eras: the Civil War 1860s, the Jim Crow/Great Migration 1910s, the Civil Rights 1960s, and the current decade.


Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed

In Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed, co-creators David Neumann & Marcella Murray create a staged conversation of intimate scale on the set of a tv talk show where they explore and unpack their several-years-long ongoing dialogue about race alongside astronomical questions of scale and time.


March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018


A re-envisioning of the Euripides play Medea pays homage to the original myth while weaving contemporary themes such as gender, immigration, and violence at the crossroads of East and West.


The Vicksburg Project - In Process

In this two part online presentation, co-Creators, Eve Beglarian, Karen Kandel & Mallory Catlett will present and discuss sections of The Vicksburg Project.