May 11–29, 2022

The Vicksburg Project

The Vicksburg Project evokes the intersections of race and gender in America through deeply researched and resurrected stories from everyday life in one small city. 

December 2–4, 2021

SUITE/Space 2021 | Christopher-Rashee Stevenson

Stevenson and his collaborators reconstruct Ionesco's 1953 absurdist psychodrama on memory, power, and the theater as a subversive, psychedelic, home invasion horror freakout.

December 9–11, 2021

SUITE/Space 2021 | Sean Devare

First Violin: darshan is the latest incarnation of Sean Devare’s ongoing artistic explorations of the epic poem The Ramayan. The gallery after hours becomes a prison, a temple, and a concert hall in a series of autobiographical and musical meditations on the re-creation and reclamation of this king of instruments and symbol of the model minority.

December 9–11, 2021

SUITE/Space 2021 | Shenny De Los Angeles

A live- ritual performance that explores a Dominican-American femme's journey to self love through her relationship with her mother and their hair.



Mud/Drowning offers New York audiences an opportunity to experience the work of a singular writer at close range. Akalaitis explains, “The program is intended to express that world of Irene’s, which is about the terribly poignant and unfulfilled longing for some kind of emotional accomplishment in life that often gets dashed—that’s what both of these pieces are about. We hope this evening offers a glimpse into the range of Irene’s rich theatrical landscape and the heart of an artist who never soothes and continues to astonish.”