Premiere: May 29, 1972
Paula Cooper Gallery – NYC
Directed by Lee Breuer in collaboration with Jene Highstein
Sculptor: Jene Highstein


JoAnne Akalaitis
Fred Neumann
Ruth Maleczech
David Warrilow
Thom Cathcart
Jeff Bingham
Dawn Gray

Nearly 40 years later, Jene Highstein recalls-

“Although it took place in the distant past the piece is timeless. The audience was transfixed by the intensity of the acting and the light projected by the welder. I would love to see it re-enacted.”

Production History:

The Mickery Theater – Amsterdam, Holland – December 1972

“Highstein is literally welding, lighting up the back space, shooting sparks about, while the ensemble sits before him and faces us through funhouse glass that distorts expressions. Interesting visual phenomenae…”
– The Village Voice