May, 1990
PREMIERE: The Public Theater/Shiva Theater – NYC

Written and Directed by Lee Breuer
“…it is refreshing to return to Breuer past, to the modesty and the crazy-quilt humor…”
—Mel Gussow, NY Times

Original Set Design: Tina Girouard
Set Adapted: Marcia Altieri
Costumes Adapted: Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design: David Tecson
Music: Jimmy Harry and Steve Peaboy
Production Manager: Monica Bowin
Stage Manager: Jack Doulin
Company Manager: Frier McCollister
Managing Director: Anthony Vasconcellos


Frederick Neumann (B. Beaver)


Honora Fergusson
Clove Galilee
Ruth Maleczech
Greg Mehrten
David Neumann
Terry O’Reilly


Steve Peabody
Frier McCollister


Wexner Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (April 4-8, 1990)
Susan Stein Shiva Theater: The Public Theater, NYC (May, 1990)