November 11, 1980
PREMIERE: Presented by Joseph Papp at The Public Theater – NYC

Text by JoAnne Akalaitis with the Company, with excerpts from the writings of Paracelsus, Eve Curie, Marie Curie, Goethe, Jorge Luis Borges, General L.R. Groves and from institutional and government reports on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.


Michael Kuhling, David Brisbin, Scotty Snyder, John Fistos, Greg Mehrten, Chas Cowing, Terry O’Reilly, Juliet Glass, Zachary Glass, Ellen McElduff
Ruth Maleczech, George Bartenieff, Jerry Mayer, B-St. John Schofield,Lydia Schwartz

Appearing On Tape: Hilary Gramson, William Raymond Juliet Glass