November 11, 1980
PREMIERE: Presented by Joseph Papp at The Public Theater – NYC

Conceived and Directed by Joanne Akalaitis
Assistant Director Chas Cowing
“Almost single-handedly she (Joanne Akalaitis) is giving new life to the whole notion of political theater.”

– Frank Rich, NY Times

Text: JoAnne Akalaitis with the Company, with excerpts from the writings of Paracelsus, Eve Curie, Marie Curie, Goethe, Jorge Luis Borges, General L.R. Groves and from institutional and government reports on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.
Set Design: Robert Israel, in collaboration with Ms. Akalaitis
Music: “Music from the 48th Series, Part 3” Philip Glass; “The Damnation of Faust” Hector Berlioz; “You Can Help Yourself” Ronnie & the Pomonas; “Hubba Hubba” The Four Sargents; “Act Like You Mean It” Ramsey Lewis
Lighting Design: Beverly Emmons
Costume Design: Sally Rosen, with Mary Brecht and Ellen McElduff
Film: David Hardy
Choreography: Mary Overlie, Gail Conrad, Michael Smith
Lobby Science Fair: Stephanie Rudolph
Glasswork: Bruce Chao
Graphics: Jennifer Bruch
Tree: Freya Hansell
Fausthaus Props: Warren Jorgenson
Sound Engineer: L.B. Dallas
Magic Consultant: Jack Adams
Sign Language Instruction: Linda Greenberg


Michael Kuhling
David Brisbin
Scotty Snyder
John Fistos
Greg Mehrten
Chas Cowing
Terry O’Reilly
Juliet Glass
Zachary Glass
Ellen McElduff
Ruth Maleczech
George Bartenieff
Jerry Mayer
B-St. John Schofield
Lydia Schwartz

On Tape:
Hilary Gramson
William Raymond
Juliet Glass


The Public Theater, NYC (Nov. 11, 1980)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (March 4-7, 1982)
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (March 11-14, 1982)
Washington Hall Performance Gallery, Seattle, WA (March 17-23, 1982)
Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (Feb 23-27, 1983)
Siena College, Loudenville, NY (May 6-7, 1983)
New Theatre for Now Festival, Los Angeles, CA (Feb 11-19, 1984)
Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC (1984)


Theatre Magazine – Best Play Award and prize to JoAnne Akalaitis and Mabou Mines.
Village Voice OBIE Special Citation to JoAnne Akalaitis and Mabou Mines.
Villager Downtown Theatre Award to JoAnne Akalaitis and the Ensemble for Outstanding Production.