Premiere: January 3, 2002
Performance Space 122 – NYC

Written and directed by Lee Breuer
Music Composed by Bob Telson, Eve Beglarian and Casey Neel

“…you’ve never seen such an amazing assemblage of playthings. Anyone with a working adult mind who still likes to have his or her child-sense gratified at the theater will have a wonderful time…”
– Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

“A daring and irreverent work…”
– Bruce Weber, New York Times

Production Design: Manuel Lutgenhorst
Light, Video and Window Design: Kevin Taylor
Directors of Puppetry: Barbara Pollitt and Jane Catherine Shaw
Puppetry Consultant: Tamamatsu Yoshida
Sound Design: Eric Shim
Live Sound Effects Score: Jay Peck
Costume Design: Elizabeth Bourgeois


Black-Eyed Susan (Porco’s Daughter)
Honora Fergusson (Marge, Dot Com and others)
Clove Galilee (Young Rose, SueLee and others)
Karen Kandel (Rose)
Ruth Maleczech (Voice of Rose)
Maude Mitchell (Rose)
Frederick Neumann (Porco)
Terry O’Reilly (Sheepish, I. S. S. and others)
Liam Fistos (Porqueño)
Barbara Pollitt (Rose, Lead Puppeteer and Sri Moo)


Poor Porco! Gonzo Porco, Ph.D., the loveable, swinish subject of Ecco Porco, has been cruelly indicted for an unspecified crime. His future may even be worse. The production traces Porco, a true Kafka victim, as he seeks support at Animations Anonymous, where his peers, including Rose The Dog and Sri Moo The Guru Cow (both of Epidog fame), are alternately sympathetic and prying regarding Porco’s unnamed crime.

Fast and full of innuendo, Ecco Porco takes audiences on a Fellini-esque roller coaster ride through high and low pop culture during which Breuer provides glimpsing references to the 1950’s KGB trial of Meyerhold and the character of Marge Simpson, before swerving back to Dante’s Purgatorio, with a right hand turn into Orson Welles’s Hollywood, and beyond. Calling on a witty range of theatrical strategies—from American cartoons to Bunraku puppetry—Ecco Porco is a continuation of Breuer’s Animations series, which began with The Red Horse Animation in 1970