Developmental Workshop November 2023


Etudes can be considered part tribunal of evidence — guided and constrained by the statutory powers of the “Interrogator” — and part ritualistic psychodynamic investigation of a sovereign polity toward emotional and restorative justice involving a collective of accused citizenry. This new multimedia performance in development by Carl Hancock Rux, with dramaturgy by Jocelyn Clarke, creates a philosophical convening of characters engaged in a recalling of crimes against humanity and its effect on their personal, historical and psychological development – as they endeavor a world of racial healing and sustainable equity as emotional justice, and a new racial healing language to help us do our emotional work. This emotional work means unlearning the language and varying rituals of whiteness – a narrative that centers white people, particularly white men, no matter the deadly cost and consequence to all women and to global Black and Brown people.

Collaborators: Jocelyn Clarke, dramaturg; Karen Kandel, artistic advisor; Autumn Angelettie, Assistant Producer.

Development support for Etudes has been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and Venturous Theater Fund, a fund of Tides Foundation.