January 9, 1990
PREMIERE: Triplex Performing Arts Center, NYC

Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Lee Breuer

“…people who learn that you were in New York in 1990 will want to know what you thought of this Lear.”
-Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

Score by Pauline Oliveros
Lighting Design by Arden Fingerhut with Lenore Doxsee
Costume Design by Ghretta Hynd
Sound Design by L. B. Dallas and Eric Liljestrand
Fight Staging by B. H. Barry
Dramaturgy: Alisa Solomon
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Valsing
Managing Director: Anthony Vasconcellos
Company Manager: Joel Bassin
Production Manager: Monica Bowin


Ruth Maleczech (Lear)
Greg Mehrten (The Fool)
Isabell Monk (Gloucester)
Kimberly Scott (Wilda)
Lola Pashalinski (Kent)
Ellen McElduff (Elva)
Karen Evans-Kandel (Edna)
Bill Raymond (Goneril)
Ron Vawter (Regan)
Black-Eyed Susan (Albany)
Honora Fergusson (Cornwall)
Lute Ramblin’ (Cordelion)
Clove Galilee (France)
Maya O’Reilly (Burgundy)
Joanna Adler and Allison Dubin (Henchwomen to Cornwall)
Frier McCollister and Pedro Rosado (Body Guards to Elva)


George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ (1987)
Theatre Institute at Storm King, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY (July 5-31, 1988)
Benefit: Anspacher Theater, The Public Theater, NYC (Dec 12, 1988)
Smith College, Northampton, MA (March 31-April 1, 1989)
Triplex Theater, NYC (Jan 9-Feb 11, 1990)