June, 1984
PREMIERE: Performing Garage – NYC

Written and directed by Greg Mehrten

“…the members of the Mabou Mines experiment in form, style and subject matter, and always are able to claim unexpected territory.”
– Mel Gussow, NY Times

Set Design: L. B. Dallas
Lighting Design: Julie Archer
Costume Design: Linda Muir
Props: Terry O’Reilly
Films by Ron Vawter with the assistance of Liz Borden, Ed Bows, Michael Oblowitz and Dan Barnet
Soundtrack compiled by Mr. Vawter with Tom Sullivan
Choreography for the Hustle by Gail Conrad.


David Drake (Peter Bates I)
William Raymond (Col. Henry Bates)
Terry O’Reilly (Michael)
Ron Vawter (Wolf von Leiden-)
John Fistos (Lieut. John(Jack)Greco)
Hanne Blom (Marianne)
David Briar (Peter Bates II)
Honora Fergusson (Helene Kleiber)
Greg Mehrten (Peter Bates III)


Performing Garage (June, 1984)