December 9, 10, 11 at 7pm

Mabou Mines
150 First Avenue, NYC 10009


What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown? is a live- ritual performance that explores a Dominican-American femme’s journey to self love through her relationship with her mother and their hair. By breaking the generational curse of relaxing one’s hair, is it possible to forgive the women before you for what they didn’t know?


Shenny de Los Angeles is a Dominican-American interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn.  Her work focuses on healing generational trauma, inviting every hurt to free itself into joy. Shenny centralizes Dominican women/femmes in her writing; affirming the beauty in being alive, as we are a miracle to witness. Her work has been featured at the Hot Docs Film Festival, Latina Magazine, Latinx Playwright Circle, Caribbean Writers, and The United Nations to name a few! Currently, Shenny is an Artist in Residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, where she is also developing this show. The process of working on this ritual-play soon became the inspiration for creating her short film “the ritual to beauty,” which was awarded Best Film for AluCine Latin Film Festival 2021 and is currently screening with the Dominican Film Festival 2021. Learn more about her work on IG: @angeloftonuge


Talia Paulette Oliveras is a Blk Latinx artist who builds interdisciplinary, experiential, and ritualistic community spaces within the medium of theatre. They have worked on productions with JACK, Big Green Theater (Bushwick Starr), BAM (Next Wave Festival), Ars Nova (ANT Fest, Makers Lab), The Public (Under the Radar) and more. They make work alongside their artistic soulmate, Nia Farrell, as Ta-Nia: a theatre-making duo dedicated to making blk spaces in an anti-blk society. Currently, Talia is a Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program 2021 grantee as well as developing new Ta-Nia work for Soho Rep’s Writer/Director Lab 2019-21 and Schauspiel Dortmund’s upcoming 2022-23 season. Learn more at