May 17  + May 18 at 8pm


Mabou Mines
150 First Avenue, Second Floor
New York, NY 10009

Elements – concept note

You are on a journey to save the earth. You don’t believe the earth needs help. You are lost in the floods and the typhoons. You are the savior that advocates for the progress of humanity. You are the one that sees the beauty of destruction.

Gods and heroes and villains are a part of every epic story. In the story of our Earth, who are We? Are we the Creators, the Preservers or the Destroyers?

Have we preserved what we should destroy? Or have we created a form of destruction?

Elements is a journey to understand our past and rebirth our future, using the myth of the Hindu trinity – Brahma as creator, Vishnu as Preserver and Shiva as Destroyer – and Tandav, the dance of destruction, the suppression of ignorance and the cosmic balance.

Inspired by art installations, performance art and classical traditions of India, The Climate Change Project seeks to educate and inspire young audiences by creating an experience uniquely tailored to be performed in a school, a theatre and/or a community center. The performance takes students from the ocean to the jungle to the desert, all along introducing them to monsters of climate change. As students find actions that can defeat these monsters, they can find the superhero changemaker in themselves and learn how to become stewards of the planet.