May 19 at 3:30pm
May 20 at 8:30pm


Mabou Mines
150 First Avenue, Second Floor
New York, NY 10009


With dancers Kimiko Tanabe, Joanna Warren, Nora Alami, Quincie Hydock, Shannon Nash and Lena Engelstein.

Warm Line is a daughter’s attempt to rekindle the warmth and exuberance of her mother’s life. It is a foggy and laughter-rippled homage to a life lived in service of others and in search of connection, of a woman flickering on the threshold between lucidity and psychosis. Euripides’ Bakkhai, Richard Simmons’ Anatomy Asylum, and a non-crisis overnight hot-line in Georgia are all set ablaze in this show where ancient and contemporary griefs smolder side-by-side.

Warm-Line grapples with the legacy of suicide, and wonders how to remain close to the one who raised you when both love and pain radiate from that epicenter. What is the levity that we inherit amidst devastation? What is this belly-laugh that threads it’s way through trauma and keeps us buoyant? And what is the line that can extend between two strangers, beyond blood, and keep them going through the night?