April 28, 1981
PREMIERE: The Public Theater – NYC
Text: From the novel by Jim Strahs
Directed by Ruth Maleczech

Set design: Michael Kuhling
Sound design: Craig Jones
Light design: Julie Archer
Film production: Stephanie Rudolph with Mark Daniels
Costume design: Greg Mehrten
Music: “Misty” and “Don’t Stop the Carnival” played live by Carl Adams


Bill Raymond (Jack Straw)
Terry O’Reilly (Lester)
Greg Mehrten (Sesqui)
B-St. John Schofield (Drexler)
Chas Cowing (Lynch)
Lee Breuer (Johnny Street)

Additional Cast:
Rigel Spencer
Philip Price
Lydia Schwartz


Jenny Solness (Motel Clerk)
Robin Karfo (Woman Looking Out for Herself)
Linda Hartinian (Jack’s Friend)
Marsha Blanc (Millie, Johnny’s Friend)


Premiere: The Public Theater, NYC (April 28-May 31, 1981)

“…a precisely designed mixedmedia circus in which black-and-white movies combine with live actors”
—Frank Rich, NY Times