August 10, 2007
PREMIERE: Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland

Written by Lee Breuer
Co-directed by Lee Breuer and Dodd Loomis

“…as fabulously far-fetched as it is brilliant. Riddled with linguistic games, it is injected with comedic irony as it plays mind games with power. But what else would you expect from the world’s most celebrated avant-garde theatre company, Mabou Mines?”
—Sophie Gorman – The Irish Independent

Puppetry Design: Emily DeCola
Sound Design: Ken Travis
Lighting Design: Jason Boyd
Video Design: Mojo Lorwin
Technical Director: Mike Kerns
Producer: Sharon Levy, Dovetail Productions, Inc.


Nic Novicki (John)
Bernadine Mitchell (Vocals)
Lincoln Shleifer (Musician)
Jessica Scott (Puppeteer)
Matthew Acheson (Puppeteer)


Prelude is a “west coast concept”, a reference to Venice Beach CA, awash in organic salads, sun splash tie-dye and acid tabs – every John’s Place in the Sun. In an organic and quirky mix of drama, puppetry and film, A Prelude to a Death in Venice (Harvey’s Version) is a mythological passion of animal and man that rivals Tristan and Isolde in its iconic impact on western culture.