Premiere: June 18-30, 1985
Boston Shakespeare Theater

Written by Philip K. Dick
Adapted by Linda Hartinian
Directed by Bill Raymond

“…a challenging labyrinthine journey…the adaptation is never less than intriguing. The production is heightened by the visual imagery. In a final striking touch, the text is projected on a screen, enlarged and then blurred into Pointillist patterns, through which pass the actors. Words and characters symbolically merge until, in this eerie space-time continuum, it is impossible to differentiate one from the other.”
-Mel Gussow, NY Times

The Boston Phoenix quotes Linda Hartinian in an interview before the play opened: “He (Philip K. Dick) was someone I admired and looked up to, and I knew he had always wanted one of his works to be adapted. One day when I came to visit him he jumped up and grabbed this manuscript and said ‘I want to give you something, but I don’t have anything, so I’m going to give you this manuscript, and someday its gonna be worth a lot of money.'” The Phoenix continues, “It was a draft of Flow My Tears, and as Hartinian discovered when she sat down to adapt the book, it contained many passages that had been cut from the published text, including a discussion of ways to remember deceased writers that was to prove prescient. Naturally Hartinian based her script on her private edition.”
The play was directed by Bill Raymond. “It was in response to Linda’s loss that we chose Tears,” he told the Phoenix, “because Flow My Tears is in fact a novel about grief, and not necessarily just about loss of identity.”

Original Music Composed and Performed by: Tom Noonan
Scenic Design: Linda Hartinian
Lighting Design: Anne Militello
Costume Design: Gabriel Berry
Sound Design: L. B. Dallas
Video Design: Paul Clay (NYC); Bruce Tovsky (Boston)
Choreography: Barbara Allen
Music for ”Pizzeria Song” by: Bill Spencer
Production Stage Manager: Anthony Gerber
Technical Director: Duncan Raymond

WITH (Boston & NY Casts)

Mary Anne Dominick
Honora Fergusson
Alys Buckman
Ellen McElduff
Linda Hartinian
Rosemary Quinn
Quinn Raymond
Shem Bitterman
Nancy Salomon
Christopher Martin
Black-Eyed Susan
Paul Clay
Greg Mehrten
Heather Hart
Ann Shea
Herbert Maime
David Brisbin
Kathy Nelson
Susan Berman Eddie
Paul Clay Waiter
David Pittu McNulty
Terry O’Reilly
Felix Buckman
Fred Neumann
Ruth Rae
Ruth Maleczech
Tracy Fowler
Gina Novish
Nina Hellman
Marni Task

On Tape:
Nina Hellman
Dahlia Schneider
James R. Suskin

On Video:
Karen Young


City Stage Company, NYC (June 6, 1985)
Boston Shakespeare Theatre (June 18-30, 1985)
NYU Tisch School of the Arts (June 3-July 10, 1988)