Premiere: June 5, 1984
The Performing Garage – NYC

By Samuel Beckett
Directed by Ruth Maleczech

“The starkness and mystery of the vision stimulates visual and aural imagery from Miss Maleczech”
– Mel Gussow, NY Times

“Her (Ms. Maleczech’s) visualization of Beckett’s prose poem IMAGINATION DEAD IMAGINE is a pure enchantment, 12 minutes long, which deserves to be permanently installed in a public place, say just off some frantically busy concourse like Grand Central, where you could dash in when sickened with the frantic meaninglessness of human life for a cool, quick, soothing injection of elegiac despair.”
-Michael Feingold, Village Voice

Holographic Design: Linda Hartinian
The Bier: L B. Dallas
Sound Design: Karen Michel McPherson
Holographic Stereograms: Hart Perry
Lighting Design: Toby Scott with Anne Militello and L. B. Dallas


Ruth Nelson (Voice)
Clove Galilee (Figure)


The Performing Garage, NYC (June 5-July 1, 1984)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (April 25-27, 1986)
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL (April 13, 1987)
Radford University, VA (Nov 14-18, 1988)