June 1972
PREMIERE: Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC

A Collaboration between Mabou Mines & Philip Glass
Directed by: Lee Breuer
Music: Philip Glass

“A choral work for the ensemble, structured as a series of changing chords and fluctuating rhythms. Its satisfactions, to my ear, stem from its instant and sustained pleasures…”
-Village Voice


JoAnne Akalaitis
Jeffrey Bingham
Thom Cathcart
Pamela Fitzgerald
Dawn Gray
Ruth Maleczech
Kate Manheim
Fred Neumann
Jack Thibeau
David Warrilow

Set Concept: Lee Breuer


Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dec 9, 1972)
The Kitchen, NYC (Feb. 1973)
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (June 25-26, 1973)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (June 25-26, 1973)