At New York Theatre Workshop
January 13-31, 2010

Premiere: January 8, 2009
ToRoNaDa (Mabou Mines’ Studio) – NYC
Part of Under the Radar Festival

Written and Directed by Lee Breuer

“Mabou Mines has trained us during decades to expect provocative and insightful shows that make us think. This one makes us laugh and think at the same time, the most absorbing combination.”

-Saviana Stanescu,

Composer: Jay Ansill
Projections: Eamonn Farrell
Masks: Julie Archer
Lighting Design: Jason Boyd
Sound Design: Ken Travis
Costumes: Meganne George
Animation: John Infantino


Ruth Maleczech as Sri Moo Parahamsa
with Jessica Weinstein
Leslie Mohn as the voice of Marge Simpson


Summa Dramatica features the pontifications of the “eminent acting guru and erstwhile Holy Cow, Sri Moo Parahamsa,” on the sorry state of the acting profession. Performance is in crisis due to “the number one health concern of the free world” – animation addiction. What exactly does that mean? It means a four-armed, multi-voiced holy cow, musing on the nature of performance, bovine pearls of wisdom, and a stunning testimonial from recovering animation addict Marge Simpson.



The Flea Theatre Downstairs (February – March, 2005)
Performance Studies International Conference, Brown University (April, 2005)
The Actors’ Studio (May 12, 2008)


ToRoNaDa (Mabou Mines Studio) as part of Under The Radar Festival: in Pataphysics Penyeach (Jan. 2009)