Lee Breuer
Founding co-artistic director Lee Breuer is a writer, director, poet, playwright, adapter, lyricist and filmmaker engaged in a lifelong procession of incendiary experimental theater projects across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

Breuer's productions include The Gospel at Colonus, Mabou Mines’ DollHouse, Peter and Wendy, The Lost Ones, and Un tramway nommé Désir (A Streetcar Named Desire) at the Comédie Française, and most recently, La Divina Caricatura. Fellowships include the MacArthur, Harvard/Radcliffe Bunting, Ford/USArtists, Guggenheim, Rockefeller, McKnight, three Fulbright, two Asian Cultural Counsel fellowships, and a Japan American Friendship Commission. Nominations include Pulitzer, Tony, Emmy and Grammy Awards. He has directed thirteen OBIE Award-winning performances and two OBIE Award-winning productions, and has received OBIE Awards for Best Play, Directing and Distinguished Achievement; as well as the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays, The Edinburgh Herald Archangel Award, and has been named Chevalier Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture.



Breuer's most recent success, his opus, LA DIVINA CARICATURA, premiered in NYC in December 2013. The New York Times said in their review of the production:  "La Divina is indeed unusual; strange, singular, perfectly self-contained and so wondrous that it may leave you in a daze." 
Other reviewers remarked:

"Breuer, who is 76, remains a staggeringly vital creative mind...La Divina Caricatura is a spectacular production, its sweeping staging evoking everything from the most down-and-dirty sex and violence to grand, even spiritual (or at least, psychedelic) epiphanies."

"Breuer possesses epical credentials. His previous work is animal animated and evolutionary, beginning with The Red Horse Animation and B. Beaver, through The Shaggy Dog Animation, The Warrior Ant, Epidog, and Ecco Porco. He has been living and working in all forms of theater in America, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific. All of these sources - from classical Japanese Bunraku puppetry to unique renditions of Samuel Beckett's plays to gospel services combined with Greek tragedy as The Gospel at Colonus - vivaciously flash in the blinking of strobe lights and the pop of puppets..."

In 2011 Breuer became the first director, in its 340 year history, to direct an American play on the mainstage of the Comédie-Française. The production, Un Tramway Nommé Désir, a re-envisioning of Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar", played to sold-out houses for 3 months in Paris.

In their review, Le Figaro called the production “powerful, profound, grand and unique.”

The New York Times reported: "After a week of performances, Parisians seem to be responding well to Mr. Breuer’s vision of “A Streetcar Named Desire” stirred in a cocktail shaker of bourbon and sake. The play is sold out through mid-April."

Breuer is also known for his revelatory, upending adaptations of classic works of theater, among them: Mabou Mines DollHouse, adapted from Ibsen- which he later adapted into a film version for the French/German cultural television network Arte;  The Gospel at Colonus, adapted from Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus; Peter & Wendy,  adapted by Liza Lorwin from J.M. Barrie’s novel "Peter And Wendy".  Each of these award-winning productions have toured to festivals and theaters, to five continents around the world.
Of his early career, Breuer says: “I was torn between writing and directing for a long time... My directing was successful but my writing wasn’t.  Shaggy Dog Animation winning the OBIE in 1978 was a big turning point.  Eventually, I was able to resolve the tension by taking a view of directing as the final re-write.  If I couldn’t solve something directorially, I’d change the text.”
Breuer is noted for his extensive work with puppets.  It is Breuer’s “deep purpose” to bring puppetry into serious American theater.  “I first saw Bunraku in Japan in 1968 and fell madly in love with puppetry.  It is quite simply the deconstruction of working with an actor and with acting itself.”

Among the many honors he has received, Breuer has been a MacArthur Fellow, a Bunting Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow and twice a Fulbright Fellow. He has collected many OBIES as well as the prestigious Herald Archangel Award (Edinburgh International Festival), the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (French Ministry of Culture), and the Helen Hayes Award.  He has been honored with, an American Express/Kennedy Center award for Best New American Play. He delivered the inaugural lectures for the Samuel Beckett Chair at Trinity College, Dublin and his teaching resume includes time as Co-Chair for Directing at the Yale University School of Drama, as well as positions at Stanford, Harvard, Arizona State University West, NYU, Columbia, Penn State, UC Berkeley, Drama Institute Beijing, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Athens University, and the Moscow Art Theater School of Acting.
“People ‘buy’ different aspects of my work and it’s all fine with me,” Breuer says.  “I can tell you I’m very proud to have directed thirteen OBIE Award-winning performances over forty plus years, including the only puppet to have ever won an OBIE… Rose, the dog.”  Lee was born in 1937 and has five children and two grandchildren. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner, actress Maude Mitchell.

Forthcoming: Publications: "I Don't Want to Change Your Mind: I want to Change Your Music" and "Getting Off-Pataphysics Penyeach". Performance works in progress: Cantata (with composer Sam Butler), Antigone (with Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca), Eccoporco (with composer John Margolis), Warrior Ant (with Bob Telson) and Glass Guignol: The Brother and Sister Play with Maude Mitchell and Greg Mehrten.

2013 LA DIVINA CARICATURA, La MaMa etc. (Producers: Mabou Mines; piece by piece productions; Dovetail Productions; St. Ann's Warehouse; La MaMa)
2013 SHALOM SHANGHAI. Shanghai Theatre Festival.
2013 GLASS GUIGNOL: The Brother and Sister Play. A Williams' Workshop, Weselyan University (Mabou Mines)
2012 GLASS GUIGNOL: The Brother and Sister Play. A Williams' Workshop, Sundance Theatre Lab Mass Moca (Mabou Mines)
2012 SEX IN A COMA. HERE Arts Center, NYC
2012 SECRETS OF A HOLY FATHER, Afterglow Festival, Provincetown, Mass.
2011 GLASS GUIGNOL – A Williams' Workshop, Provincetown Williams Festival, Mass. (Mabou Mines)
2011 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE Magestic Theater, Boston (Mabou Mines)
2011 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. (Mabou Mines)
2011 PETER AND WENDY, The New Victory, NYC (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin Producer)
2011 GOSPEL AT COLONUS, Spoleto USA (Dovetail Productions)
2011 CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS, Rainbow Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 ANTIGONE (In Greek), Athens
2011 UN TRAMWAY NOMMÉ DÉSIR (Streetcar Named Desire), Paris (Comédie Française)
2010 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, Minneapolis,USA, The Edinburgh Festival, Scotland (Dovetail Productions)
2010 CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS (In Russian) Saratov, Russia
2010 OPERA OF STONES (In Portuguese) Sao Paolo, Brazil
2009 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, St Ann’s Warehouse, NYC, Moscow, Russia (Mabou Mines)
2009 YI SANG COUNTS TO THIRTEEN, (in Korean) Seoul
2009 PETER AND WENDY, The Edinburgh Festival, Scotland (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, Producer)
2008 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, Athens (Dovetail Productions)
2008 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, Bogata, Seoul, Athens(Mabou Mines)
2007 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, Toronto, Rome, Singapore, Edinburgh, Wrolclaw, Madrid (Mabou Mines)
2007 PETER AND WENDY, Washington DC (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, Producer)
2007 A PRELUDE TO A DEATH IN VENICE, Kilkenny, Ireland (Mabou Mines)
2006 CHOEPHORAE, Patras, Greece (Micocci Productions & Lee Breuer, in assoc. with PrimeArt, S.A., Producers)
2006 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, Israel, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Madrid, Los Angeles (Mabou Mines)
2006 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, Vienna (Dovetail Productions)
2005 RED BEADS, New York University Skirball Center (Mabou Mines)
2005 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, Charleston, SC (Spoleto USA Festival), Stuttgart, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyons, Minneapolis, Columbus, Chicago (Mabou Mines)
2004 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, New York City Apollo Theatre (Dovetail Productions)
2003 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, International Ibsen Festival, Oslo, Norway, (Mabou Mines with Lisa Harris, producer)
2003 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE, St Ann's Warehouse (Mabou Mines with Lisa Harris, producer)
2003 TWO LITTLE INDIANS (Frank), HERE (Lisa Harris, producer)
2002 RED BEADS, (opera-Breuer/Story by Polina Klimovitskaya), Mass MoCA (Mabou Mines - work in progress)
2002 MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE (adapted by Breuer/Mitchell) NY Theatre Workshop (Scheuer/NYTW - work in progress)
2002 THE CHOEPHORAE (Aeschylus, adapted by Breuer/Andritsanou), ITI Convention, Athens, Greece with Armadillo Theater Group (Armadillo Theater Group - work in progress)
2002 PETER AND WENDY (Barrie, adapted by Lorwin), New Victory Theater (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, producer)
2002 ECCO PORCO (Breuer), Performance Space 122 (Mabou Mines)
2001 ANIMAL MAGNETISM (O'Reilly), Festival Divaldo, Pilsen, Czech Republic (Mabou Mines)
2001 ECCO PORCO PART I (Breuer), Performance Space 122 (Mabou Mines)
2001 HAJJ (Breuer), Seoul Theater Festival, Korea (Mabou Mines)
2000 HAJJ (Breuer), Maly Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia (Mabou Mines)
2000 ANIMAL MAGNETISM (O'Reilly) Arts at St. Ann's (Mabou Mines)
1999 PETER AND WENDY (Barrie, adapted by Lorwin), Dublin Theater Festival, Ireland (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, producer)
1998 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, Moscow (Sharon Levy, Producer)
1997 PETER AND WENDY (Barrie, adapted by Lorwin), New Victory Theater (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, Producer)
1996 THE RED HORSE ANIMATION (Breuer, reconstruction) Brazil (Mabou Mines)
1996 POOTANAH MOKSHA (Mohn) Brazil Festival of the Arts, Brazil
1996 PETER AND WENDY (Barrie, adapted by Lorwin), Public Theater (Henson International Puppet Festival)(Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, Producer)
1996 PETER AND WENDY (Barrie, adapted by Lorwin), Spoleto Festival USA (Mabou Mines- Liza Lorwin, producer)
1995 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), A Contemporary Theater, Seattle (Sharon Levy, producer)
1995 AN EPIDOG (Breuer), HERE (Mabou Mines)
1992 THE MAHABHARANTA (Breuer), Ontological Theater (Mabou Mines)
1991 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), ACT, San Francisco (Dodgers)
1991 THE QUANTUM (Breuer) - The Grey Art Gallery (NYU), New York, NY
1990 MABOU MINES LEAR (Shakespeare, adapted by Breuer)(Mabou Mines)
1990 B BEAVER ANIMATION (Breuer, reconstruction), Public Theater, NYSF-Papp (Mabou Mines)
1989 THE WARRIOR ANT (Breuer/Telson) Brooklyn Academy of Music-Next Wave Festival (Liza Lorwin, producer); Spoleto Festival; American Music Theater Festival
1988 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (Broadway) (Dodgers)
1988 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Cleveland Playhouse (Broadway preview) (Dodgers)
1987 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1986 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Alliance Theater, Atlanta (Liza Lorwin)
1986 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Chatelet Theater in Paris, France; Spoleto Festival, Italy; Barcelona Festival, Spain (Mel Howard, producer)
1986 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Annenberg Center for The American Musical Theater Festival, Philadelphia
1986 THE WARRIOR ANT (Breuer/Telson), Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1986 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), PBS Great Performances (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1986 PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE/HAJJ REVIVAL (Breuer), Dance Theater Workshop (Mabou Mines)
1985 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), The Mark Taper Forum/L.A. Music Center (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1984 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Arena Theater, Washington D.C. (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1983 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), Brooklyn Academy of Music - Next Wave Festival (Liza Lorwin, producer)
1983 HAJJ (Breuer), Public Theater, NYSF-Papp (Mabou Mines)
1982 HAJJ (Breuer), Public Theater, NYSF-Papp (Mabou Mines); The Performing Garage (Mabou Mines); The American Film Institute National Video Festival - Washington and Los Angeles (Mabou Mines)
1981 THE TEMPEST (Shakespeare), Delacorte Theater, NYSF-Papp
1980 SISTER SUZIE CINEMA (opera - Breuer/Telson), Public Theater, NYSF-Papp (Mabou Mines- Breuer/Telson Producers)
1980 A PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE (Breuer), Public Theater, NYSF-Papp (Mabou Mines)
1980 LULU (Wedekind), American Repertory Theater
1978 THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION (Breuer), Public Theater, NYSF- Papp (Mabou Mines)
1976 THE LOST ONES (revised), Public Theater, NYSF (Mabou Mines)
1975 THE SAINT AND THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS (Thibeau, revised), Connecticut Dance Festival (The Bunch, Inc Production)
1975 THE LOST ONES (Beckett, adapted by Breuer), Theater for a New City (Mabou Mines)
1974 B BEAVER ANIMATION (Breuer, revised), Museum of Modern Art (Mabou Mines)
1974 THE SAINT AND THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS (Thibeau, choreography by Breuer), Walker Art Center (Mabou Mines)
1974 SEND/RECEIVE/SEND (Sonnier), The Kitchen (Mabou Mines)
1973 MUSIC FOR VOICES VIDEO (Glass), The Kitchen
1972 THE ARC WELDING PIECE (Highstein), Paula Cooper Gallery (Performance Art)(Mabou Mines)
1972 B BEAVER ANIMATION (Breuer), Loeb Student Center, NYU (Mabou Mines)
1971 RED HORSE ANIMATION (Breuer, revised), Whitney Museum (Mabou Mines)
1971 COME AND GO (Beckett), Brooklyn Bridge Festival (Mabou Mines- Alanna Heiss, producer)
1970 RED HOUSE ANIMATION (Breuer), Guggenheim Museum (Mabou Mines)
1970 PLAY (Beckett, revised), La Mama ETC (Mabou Mines)
1968 MESSINKOFF DIALOGUES (Brecht), Traverse Theater, Edinburgh
1967 PLAY (Beckett), American Cultural Center, Paris
1967 MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Brecht), Paris Studio Theater
1964 EVENTS & COMMEDIA SONGS (Breuer/Spener), San Francisco Mime Troupe
1964 COMPOSITION FOR ACTORS (Breuer), San Francisco Tape Music Center
1964 THE RUN (Breuer), San Francisco Tape Music Center 1964 LULU (Wedekind), The Playhouse
1964 THE ALLEGATION (Ferlinghetti), San Francisco Poetry Project
1963 THE MAIDS (Genet), ACT, San Francisco, with Anna Halprin of Dancers' Workshop, Ronnie Davis of San Francisco Mime Troupe, and Ken Dewey
1963 THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA (Lorca), San Francisco Actors' Workshop
1963 THE UNDERPANTS (Sternheim), San Francisco Actors' Workshop
1962 HAPPY DAYS (Beckett), San Francisco Actors' Workshop
1959 THE LINE (Breuer), Theater 3K7,UCLA
1958 A PLAY (Breuer), Theater 3K7,UCLA
1957 THE WOOD COMPLAINS (Breuer), Theater 3K7,UCLA

2010 – MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE – SHOWING – Bucherest, Romania
2010 – MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE – SHOWING – Vladivostok, Russia
2009 - MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE - SHOWING - Cleveland Museum of Art
2009 – MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE – SHOWING – Shanghai, China
2008 – MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE Premiere in Paris, France
2007 – MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE (filmed for television) Scotland/France, ARTE/France

1986 THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Sophocles, adapted by Breuer/Telson), PBS Great Performances

2011 Named USA Ford Fellow in Theater Arts by United States Artists
2011 Elliot Norton award for " Best Touring Production"
2008 Honored by the Cairo International Experimental Theatre Festival
2008 XI Festival Iberoamericana de Teatro de Bogota 2007
2008 Herald Archangel Award, Edinburgh Festival
2007 Edwin Booth Award presented to the Artistic Directors of Mabou Mines by the Doctoral Theatre Students Association at the Graduate Center, CUNY.
2006 Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters, Ministry of Culture of France
2004 OBIE Award for 'Direction' for MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE
1997 OBIE Award for 'Best Production' to PETER AND WENDY
1994 Fund for New American Plays Award, Best American Play, for THE EPIDOG (Breuer)
1986 OBIE Award for 'Sustained Achievement' to Mabou Mines
1985 National Institute for Music Theater Award 'Outstanding Achievement' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Concept to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 Los Angeles Dramalogue Award for Best Direction and Text to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 National Black Programming Award for Best Production Communicating Excellence to Black Audiences to GOSPEL AT COLONUS 1985 National Institute of Music Theater's Award for the Advancement of Music Theater
1984 OBIE Award for 'Best Musical' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1984 National Gospel Association Award 'Outstanding Production' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1984 Brandeis University Creative Arts Awards Citation in Theatre Arts to Mabou Mines for 'extraordinary artistic achievement,' re: script for HAJJ (Breuer)
1983 National ASCAP Popular Song Award for GOSPEL AT COLONUS lyrics
1983 United Gospel Association Award for Best Production to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1983 American Theater Wing Joseph Maharam Award 'Consistently Excellent Collaborative Design'
1981 Villager Downtown Theatre Award to Mabou Mines for Outstanding Season
1980 OBIE Award to Lee Breuer for his script and direction of A PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE.
1980 San Francisco Critics' Circle Award: Best Touring Production to A PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE
1980 Villager Downtown Theatre Award for 'Best Musical' to SISTER SUZIE CINEMA
1979 Los Angeles Dramalogue Critics' Award to Lee Breuer (Direction) for THE LOST ONES
1978 OBIE Award for Best Play to Lee Breuer for THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1978 Villager Downtown Theatre Award to THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1978 Soho News Award for Best Ensemble to THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1974 OBIE Award for 'General Excellence' to Mabou Mines
1958-9 UCLA 'Best Play' Award to A PLAY and THE LINE
1958 Samuel French Award to A PLAY

1988 Tony Nomination for Best Book - GOSPEL AT COLONUS (officially declined)
1988 Pulitzer Prize Nomination for Best Play - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1987 NAACP Image Award Nomination - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1986 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Theatrical Album - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1986 Emmy Award Nomination for Best Direction (with Tod Browning) - GOSPEL AT COLONUS

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2011 Towsen University, Baltimore Maryland, Development workshop - LA DIVINA CARICATURA
2011 Duke University, North Carolina, Development workshop - MABOU MINES MENAGERIE
2010 Master Classes, Moscow and St. Petersburg
2010 National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow
2009 National Theatre of Scotland, Edinburgh
2009 Guest Faculty Shanghai University
2006 Guest Lecturer Uniiversity of Thessaloniki
2004-06 Guest teaching, Yale University School of Drama, Brown University
1986-89 Co-Chair of Directing Department, Yale University School of Drama
1995-99 Professor of Theater, Stanford University 1994 Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz
1992-93 Associate Professor, Arizona State University West
1977-80 Associate Professor, Yale University School of Drama
1981 Harvard University Extension
1981 Experimental Wing, New York University

2011 USA Ford Fellow in Theater Arts by United States Artists
2006 Bunting Fellowship - Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA
2003 Fulbright Fellowship - Greece
2001 Asian Cultural Council - Thailand, Study 2000 Asian Cultural Council - Seoul, Korea, Workshop
1997-2001 John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship
1995 Asian Cultural Council - China, Teaching at Dramatic Institute in Beijing
1993 Japan-United States Friendship Commission - Japan, Research and Tour Planning
1992 Asian Cultural Council - China
1992 Arts International - China, Teaching and Travel
1992 Arts International - Bali, Rehearsal and Travel
1990-91 CIES Counsel for International Exchange of Scholars - North and South India
1985 Rockefeller Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1984 McKnight Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1983 Japan-United States Friendship Commission Exchange Fellowshipn
1982 National Endowment for the Arts Playwriting Fellowship
1979 Rockefeller Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1978 Creative Artists Public Service (CAPS) Fellowship
1978 National Endowment for the Arts Playwriting Fellowship
1977 Guggenheim Fellowship

Pataphysics Penyeach – University of Chicago Press - 2013
La Divina Caricatura, The Trilogy, Parts I and II – La MaMa, NYC 2013
A Prelude to Death in Venice – Paris, 2014
PUBLICATION: Getting Off – Theater Communications Group Press - 2014